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TIPS for finding Employment in Canada

TIPS for finding Employment in Canada

1. Study in Canada: Target universities and colleges that have co-op or internship programs. Full- time international students can work for up to 20 hours during their study and full-time during scheduled breaks. Spouse of international students can apply for an open work permit to financially support their spouse during their study. The work permit will be valid for any employer for the duration of study. No LMIA is required for these work permit. After graduation, students can apply for a Post- Graduate Work Permit, which enables a student to work for any employer.

2. Intra-company transferee: If your current employer has a branch in Canada or will open a branch in Canada, you may be eligible for a work permit under an international trade agreement or Significant Benefit initiative. Labour Market Impact Assessment is not required under these categories.

3. Canadian Embassy- Contact your nearest Canadian Embassy to see if there are any job fairs in your region.

4. Target employers who hire foreign workers: Globe and Mail published a list of companies who are authorized to use temporary foreign workers. To view the list, please click here: are-authorized- to-use- temporary-foreign- workers-view- the-entire- list/article11134042/

5. Use foreign worker recruitment websites: Certain websites are geared towards recruiting foreign workers.

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