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LEE Law Immigration Service



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Our Commitment To Help

Our Approach And Method

Most of our professionals and staff are immigrants too. With a shared empathy and experience as immigrants, we have a thoughtful and compassionate approach. At the same time, our professionalism is rooted in Canadian history and training which makes us formidable and effective.

Being a Trusted Advisor

Our professional commitment is to provide the best advice. We are not simply completing forms or following checklists as bureaucrats. We also look at the best results for you and offer you the most honest trustworthy advice.

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How We Make a Difference

The teamwork of our firm provides a comprehensive approach to helping you succeed in your goals. Our dedication is second to none and everyone in the firm is mobilized to help you.

Prepare For The Future

We look beyond the first goals you may see but we look ahead to the horizons for you. We will help you plan ahead for the future you envision and to be flexible going ahead.

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