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LEE LAW 법률 업무

Our Approach

Everyone Needs A Lawyer

Everyone knows the necessity of having a personal family doctor. That prudence also applies to having a personal legal advisor, at all times, good or bad.

Our Method

We don't look at just taking care of one case or one transaction. We get to know you. We want to be your guide through many aspects of life. Our core is knowing you and your family in order to counsel you in your best interests in the long term.

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The Best Time to Find A Lawyer

The worst time to find a lawyer is when one needs one in a crisis. ideally, one wants a continuing relationship with a personal general counsel who helps navigate all the little and big issues that come up in life.

A Trusted Advisor For Life

Seriously, do you know any successful people or businesses that do not have a regular legal advisor on hand. Whether called a general counsel, lawyer on retainer, or consigliere, everyone should have a reliable confidante to serve as one's trusted legal advisor.

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